Purchase of Cereals
Casa Guardia, Cereales Tamarite de Lietra, Maíz Waxy
Cereals of Human Consumption.

Our Company, commercializes varieties of Waxy corn; or also called Waxy Corn. We work this corn seed variety through a contract with the Farmers. We use our agricultural machinery for planting and so we have full control over their management, making a full follow-up from planting to storage in our facilities. Thus leading a correct traceability of the product. This corn is calibrated in our facilities to the different measures demanded by the Industry. It is also issued in bulk, Big-bag, or bagged at 40kg.

Casa Guardia, Cereales Tamarite de Litera, Maíz Waxy

We commercialize, practically all of the cereals that are grown in the area. Offering the farmer storage service of his merchandise, as well as his collection in the field. Among the different types of Cereals are:

  • Barley for feed

  • Malting barley

  • Wheat for feed

  • Bread wheats

  • Corn Sunflower

  • Waxy corn

  • Sorghum