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Our company

Drying Plant
Casa Guardia, Cereales Tamarite de Litera, Maíz Waxy, Consumo Humano, Ceroso

Over time we have seen the need to grow, both in facilities and agricultural equipment, to offer a better service. One of the improvements has been the cooling silo.

Our Facilities

Our company has several warehouses of great capacity for the storage of cereal. In addition to having a cereal selection plant.

Strategy for a good harvest
Casa Guardia, Cereales Tamarite de Litera, Maíz Waxy, Consumo Humano, Ceroso.

For us as a company, we know that it is very important that the farmer obtain good results in their crops, therefore we offer good advice when selecting the type of seed, fertilizers, according to the different types of soil.

Agricultural Work

We offer a wide Service of Works to third parties with machinery equipped with the latest GPS technologies, Autoguided.



About us

Casa Guardía S.L, Family business, founded by José Guardia Nadal in the 40s, located in the irrigable area of ​​the Canal de Aragón and Cataluña, specifically in the town of Tamarite de Litera, Province of Huesca. We are dedicated to the commercialization of agricultural inputs and Purchase of Cereals. During these years we have grown thanks to the help of our Clients, who have deposited in us an important word such as Trust.


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